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Nishant Mittal



I am Nishant Mittal, a passionate software engineer, open source enthusiast and studying computer science at IIT (BHU) Varanasi.

Currently, I'm contributing to Layer5 projects to learn more about DevOps / Cloud Native Computing. Apart from this, I've interned with companies like Google, Gojek and Productiv in the past. Know more about my professional experience and achievements on LinkedIn.

I love contributing to and building open source projects. I'm maintaining two open source projects currently; GSoC Organizations and Templates Plugin. I've also completed Google Summer of Code projects with Oppia and Joplin. Apart from these projects, I've made contributions to multiple large open source organizations like Oppia, Zulip, Flyte, Mattermost, etc. See all of my projects & open source contributions on GitHub.

Talking about my hobbies, I love programming (obviously :P), meeting new people, partying, travelling and watching sitcoms.

I'm always looking for collaborating on interesting projects, exciting work opportunities. Get in touch or Ask me Anything on Twitter. You can also contact me through Email.